What To Wear For Your Engagement Session!

Hey guys! I've had so many of you ask me "Britt, what should I wear for my engagement session?" So here is the answer! I've curated a great list and some options for you to wear for your engagement photos.

Now, the key is to always keep true to yourself - however, you've got to keep in mind how you want your photos to look. After all, hopefully if you have stumbled across this page you have already selected me as your wedding photographer - eek!! Exciting!

So I'm sure you have fallen head over heels in love with my style of photography - and with that comes a certain look.

I am in no way a "dark and moody" photographer. I like to keep my style true to life and more of a film asthetic. So dark colors and props are usually not going to give you that "light and airy" and dreamy look that I try to achieve when it comes to photos.

Also, keep in mind - the location we select will more than likely be lighter in color - ex: a dark forest probably won't be the direction we select.

So here are a few of my favorite looks and "guidelines" to give you some inspiration for your engagement photo outfit selections!

  1. Wear clothes that are comfortable!

    There is nothing worse than having your photograph taken when you are uncomfortable. If you feel uncomfortable - then that usually will come across in photos. Body language is key - if you feel not like yourself, then you won’t look like yourself. Some of my favorite engagement photographs are those that have movement to them - and if you are miserable then you won’t be able to move about and enjoy the day. I recommend a flowy maxi dress! They look great on most everyone and are totally flattering. Plus, when I ask you to give me a twirl or a spin - they make for some great action shots.

  2. Compliment each other, but don’t match.

    Okay, okay. This is mainly for the guys. Something about “Oh your dress is blue - I will wear blue”. Not exactly. When deciding how you and your fiance will dress, choose complimenting colors and solids. You don’t want anything too distracting or too matchy matchy. You want to look like “you go together perfectly, but don’t match”.

  3. Color: Choose neutrals, cool tones and pastels.

    Your favorite color may be red, but honestly - it does not photograph the best. Keep it simple and understated. After all, we want you and the love between you and your fiance to steal the show. Not the neon dress you are wearing. You can still be a knockout in neutrals.

  4. Stick with two outfits.

    Two is the magic number for engagements! I have found that anything more than two is just too much. I usually recommend a “casual” outfit and a more “dressy” outfit. So maybe for guys an outfit with khakis or nice jeans and then switch over to slacks or a suit. Let’s not over complicate things. Less is more is the theory here.

  5. Choose classic looks over what’s the latest trend.

    You may love that black-and-white maxi dress now, but next year you may only picture a referee or jailbird when you see yourself in all over stripes. Yikes! Instead let’s choose looks that will be forever timeless. The goal is to have photos that in the years to come your children and grand-children will say “Wow, my parents/grandparents were perfection”.

So that’s that! My top tips for curating a perfectly effortless engagement photo outfit selection. Be sure to check out my pinterest board for more inspiration. I always encourage my couples to reach out to me if they need any styling ideas or help - I’d be glad to lead you in the right direction. Below you’ll find some photo inspiration and links to my favorite engagement outfits!

Happy engaged days!



Some of my FAVORITE places to shop for engagement sessions are:

JCrew, Anthropologie, Shop Morning Lavender, Madewell, Gigi Pip, Piper and Scoot, Free People, BHDLN.

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